Acoustic Underlay

Acoustic Underlay Installations in Auckland

One of the specialist services we offer in addition to tiling is installing acoustic underlays on your floors. Acoustic underlays absorb impact noise making the room quieter. They also prevent noise from travelling, such as from the upper floors of a home, apartment block, or building to the lower floors. The acoustic underlay deadens the sound as it transfers through the floor.

We install acoustic underlays in residential properties as well as in a range of commercial situations. This includes hotels, building reception areas, and other places where it is important to control levels of noise.

As well as reducing impact noise, our acoustic underlay installations also make the tiled floor soft underfoot, adding to the luxuriousness of the finish.

Our Services

  • Underlays available made from a range of materials, including rubber
  • Underlays are also available that are made from natural materials, including cork
  • Can also fit acoustic underlay products you have bought yourself
  • Complete service including laying the acoustic underlay and then laying your new tiles

Experience and Expertise

Our acoustic underlay installation services are suitable for a range of commercial and residential environments. In fact, this is the ideal solution wherever you want to keep noise levels to a minimum.

All members of our tiling team have experience laying acoustic underlay on both residential and commercial tiling projects. They will ensure you have the right type of underlay to maximise the noise reduction performance, and will complete the project to the highest possible standards.

Plus, we offer free quotations and competitive pricing.

To get your quote, please contact us today by calling 021 916 168.

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