Deck Jack

Deck Jack Deck Installations

Our deck jack deck installation services are the best way to get a perfectly fitted, Building Code compliant, and long lasting deck. At Damn Good Tiling, we use the best deck jack products available in Auckland and all our tilers have extensive experience of using the system.

How Deck Jack Deck Installations Work

  • Deck jacks provide support for tile and timber decking
  • The deck jacks sit on top of the waterproof membrane providing a solid surface for the tiles
  • They are fully adjustable to achieve the right flooring height and a level surface
  • The tiles sit directly on top of the deck jacks and are held securely in place

Benefits of a Deck Jack Deck

  • Ensures building code compliance – according to the New Zealand Building Code, there must be a 100mm gap between the waterproofing membrane and the floor tiles. Our deck jack solutions ensure there is this gap.
  • Completely level floor – the height and slope of the deck jacks we use are adjustable to ensure an absolute level floor.
  • Better flow between internal and external areas – our deck jack solutions can eliminate the step down that often exists when moving from inside a building to outside.
  • Space to install other services – the gap between the floor tiles and the waterproof membrane can also be used to install other services or features such as pipes or acoustic underlay.
  • Allows the membrane to breathe – our deck jack installations ensure the waterproof membrane can breathe while also letting excess water to easily evaporate. This ensures the membrane lasts as long as possible.
  • Makes it easy to maintain or repair the waterproof membrane – the tiles can be temporarily removed making it easy to check for and repair leaks in the waterproof membrane. This also makes it easy to clean the membrane.

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